Pairings/Characters: Superboy, Superman, Supergirl, Robin, Batman

Word count: 626

Rating: G

Warnings: None.

Summary: Kara comes to meet her new family member and finds out that Clark doesn’t talk to Conner. Kara disapproves and decides to set Clark straight.


A/N: Set in the animated Young Justice universe. Written for a prompt on the YJ anonymous meme.

It’s another awkward end to a mission when Superman and Batman arrive to do the clean-up, and Superboy and Superman come face to face. Superboy studiously ignores the worried glances of his teammates, and Superman pretends not to notice the glare that Batman is sending in his direction.

Clearing his throat, Superman says, “Um, thank you, Superboy,” when Conner silently hands him an unconscious assassin to haul off to prison.

There’s a moment of silence where they just stand uncomfortably and try to think of something appropriate to say. Clark tries to think of a way to say “You freak me out because you’re my clone and that was a major violation for me and that’s why I don’t talk to you” that won’t hurt Conner’s feelings, but as usual, he comes up blank, so he just says nothing.

A girl’s voice breaks the awkward silence, but it’s not M’gann or Artemis, and it’s coming from above. “Superman! Superboy!”

Conner glances up and sees blue and red fabric and blonde hair, a bright smile, and that familiar symbol.

“Hey, Kal!” Supergirl says to Clark, then turns towards Conner and sticks her hand out. “Hi! I’m Supergirl…obviously. It’s great to meet you, I’ve been looking forward to it for ages!”

Conner grasps her hand and shakes it. “Thanks…I’m Superboy. Conner. Nice to meet you, Supergirl.”

“Call me Kara.” Glancing over Conner’s shoulder, Kara spots someone else and waves. “Robin!” Looking back at Conner, she says, “We’ll have to talk more later. I’m gonna go catch up with Robin for a minute,” and then she’s off to talk to the younger boy.

Looking away from where Kara’s chatting with Robin, Conner notices that during their short conversation, Superman took the chance to go over to Batman, so Conner moves over to where Kaldur and Artemis are speaking.

Dick and Kara both notice this as well. Kara frowns. “What’s going on there?”

Sighing, Dick explains in a low voice. “S-man freaked out a bit when he found out he had a clone, and the bottom line is, he pretty much just won’t speak to Conner.”

Kara’s frown deepens. “I think I’m going to have to have a talk with Kal.”

Dick smiles, amused. “Batman’s already tried…repeatedly, and if you were anyone else…well, let’s just say that if anyone’s going to succeed, it’s going to be you.”

“Watch and learn, little bird,” Kara smirks, and saunters over to the two Justice League members. “Hi, Batman. Kal.”

Batman nods in greeting, and Clark says, “Did you need something, Kara?”

“Well, now that you mention it…yeah.” Kara glares at her cousin. “Why are you ignoring Superboy?”

“I’m not,” Clark says automatically.

“I hear differently. Robin says you won’t even talk to him.”

Kara swears that in that moment, she sees Batman grin a little bit.

“Well, I…” Clark shifts uncomfortably.

“I won’t hear any of that, Kal-El,” Kara says sternly. “I know how much family means to you. Whether it’s Ma and Pa, or me, or even Krypto, we’re all family, and you should value Conner just as much. I bet he really needs your support. This can’t be easy for him.”

With that, Kara storms off to go talk to Conner again.

“Stop smirking,” Clark snaps at Bruce.

“I told you so.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Everyone was satisfied to report that less than a week later, Clark was making an effort to get to know Conner and pleased that Conner wasn’t stubbornly refusing Clark’s still slightly flimsy, but nonetheless effective, attempts.

“Now that’s how you get a Super into line,” Robin comments, impressed, to Kara one day while they’re watching Clark and Conner talk about Krypton.

“You know it, Boy Wonder,” Kara replies smugly, high-fiving him.